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Be Content is made up of filmmakers and storytellers who believe in the power of visual media to communicate, promote and give back. A percentage of every dollar we make goes towards creating socially conscious content both independently and through our non-profit partner organizations.

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At Be Content, we use video to help great brands tell great stories. No matter what the subject, we specialize in creating powerful, compelling and relevant content that drives customer behavior from sales to conversions. We’d love to show you how we can help your brand grow.

Branded Content

Part marketer, part filmmaker, at Be Content we find the story that makes your branded content relevant to your customer. The difference between a brand story and a brand video can be the difference between a life client and a single purchase client.

Be Content is a company of storytellers. Your story, our story, it doesn’t matter to us. What’s important is the narrative. From campfire to film festival we are happiest when we are creating original compelling content for others to enjoy.
Social Cause Content

At the heart of Be Content lies the need to give back. In fact, the need to use our talents to better the world around us is core to every project we take on. Everything is a story. How you tell that story is what matters.

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